Styx 0.7.0 released


  • Styx use its own version without relying on global <nixpkgs>, this ensure that site.nix format, used styx-themes and styx versions are matching.

  • Instructions and helpers for multi-locale sites.

  • Block feature for flexible single page websites, used in the Agency theme.

  • Better support for Darwin platforms.

New themes:

  • Nix

  • Ghostwriter

New commands:

  • styx preview-theme: Preview a styx-theme theme, eg: styx preview-theme ghostwriter.

Breaking Changes:

site.nix format have been simplified. Required arguments are styx and extraConf only. The themes set styx-themes, can be accessed with import styx.themes and is tied to the styx version.

Pre 0.7.0 site.nix
{ lib, styx, runCommand, writeText
, styx-themes
, extraConf ? {}

rec {

  /* Importing styx library
  styxLib = import styx.lib args;
Post 0.7.0 site.nix
{ styx
, extraConf ? {}

rec {

  /* Importing styx library
  styxLib = import styx.lib styx;

  /* Importing styx themes from styx
  styx-themes = import styx.themes;


At the moment of writing, styx 0.7.0 is only available in the nixpkgs-unstable channel. If you are on a different channel and want to test / install styx 0.7.0, use the following command:

Testing with nix-shell:

$ nix-shell -p styx -I nixpkgs=


$ nix-env -A styx -I nixpkgs=

Contribute to Styx via GitHub repository.

Problems and bugs should be reported to the issue tracker.